Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Waikiki Parc Hotel Will Become More Upscale

Waikiki Parc Hotel The 17 year old, 300 room, Waikiki Parc Hotel is located across the street from the five star Halekulani Hotel and both are managed by the same company. The Waikiki Parc has always been marketed as a more affordable alternative to the Halekulani, but now the Parc is undergoing renovations aimed at attracting a more upscale client. New interiors will feature ebony hardwood, illuminated glass walls, undulating acrylic panels, and works of art. The 7500 square foot lobby is being gutted to create space for a luxurious new Nobu Japanese Restaurant that will feature tropical plants, lava rock, running water, and bamboo. The Waikiki Parc's renovations are in line with the Hawaii visitor industry's desire to attract luxury travelers with more money to spend.

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