Friday, July 21, 2006

Jellyfish Closed Hanauma Bay This Week

Box Jellyfish Sign The island of of Oahu experienced a jellyfish invasion this week that resulted in more then 200 people being stung while swimming at beaches on the south and west shores of the island. Warning signs were posted on many beaches - including Waikiki - and Hanauma Bay was closed for several hours because of the problem. Hawaii's box jellyfish are unique among the world's jellyfish because their arrival on shore is very predictable. They come close to the beach to spawn 8 to 12 days after each full moon. Usually the swarms only last two or three days, so fewer jellyfish are expected to be in the water this weekend. For more information, see
  • The Box Jellyfish of Hawaii
  • Swimming Hazards in Hawaii

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