Thursday, November 16, 2006

Smoking in Public Places Banned in Hawaii in 2006

As of today - November 16, 2006 - Hawaii residents and visitors will no longer be exposed to second hand tobacco smoke in public places. Hawaii's new law bans smoking in all enclosed or partially enclosed public places, places of employment, government vehicles, and airports from cabin to curb. Some of the places included in the ban are bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, theaters, government facilities,and stadiums, both indoors and outdoors. Smoking is also banned within twenty feet of doorways and windows of buildings included in the ban. Exceptions: smoking will be permitted in fully open-air workplaces such as parks, beaches, and outdoor construction sites, and hotels may designate up to 20% of their rooms for smokers if the rooms are clustered on the same floor and the smoke cannot enter other rooms.
  • Introduction to Hawaii's Smoke Free Law
  • Preparing for a Smoke Free Hawaii
  • Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawaii

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