Monday, January 30, 2006

The Fight to Stop Bombing on Kahoolawe

1976 Kahoolawe Protest Thirty years ago this month the "Kahoolawe Nine" landed a boat on a Kahoolawe Island beach, to stage a protest against the U.S. military using the island as a military bombing test range. On January 4, 1976, shortly after daybreak, more then 50 people boarded 10 boats in Haalaea Harbor and headed south for Kahoolawe Island. When a Coast Guard helicopter warned them to turn back, most of them did, but nine of them proceeded on in their quest to occupy the island. Those nine were Emmett Aluli, Kimo Aluli, George Helm, Lind, Ellen Miles, Stephen Morse, Gail Kawaipuna Prejean, Walter Ritte and Karla Villalba. Shortly after landing, seven of the nine were picked up by the Coast Guard. Emmett Aluli and Walter Ritte made their way inland, and stayed two more days before surrendering.
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