Thursday, October 04, 2007

Photos Coming: Falsetto Contest and Waikiki Historic Trail

I just returned home from my trip to Honolulu for the 2007 Aloha Festivals Falsetto Contest. What a great event! On this trip I also *finally* found elusive marker #15 on the Waikiki Historic Trail. There are 23 sites on that Waikiki walking trail and 19 of them have 6 foot tall surfboard markers with historic photos and information. You would think something 6 feet tall would be very easy to find, but a few of those markers are surprisingly hard to spot unless you are viewing them directly from the front. Anyway I was SO HAPPY when I finally found that last marker a couple of days ago. Photos are coming soon of the 2007 Falsetto Contest, the Waikiki Historic Trail, the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe, an architect's tour of Honolulu, Kakaako Waterfront Park, the Waimanalo Polo Field, the Sea Life Park Luau, and several other attractions and tours. I was a busy girl this week! Watch for information in the next few days about the great comedian Andy Bumatai's new nightly TV show and find out how you can watch that show being taped (almost live) in Waikiki. You won't want to miss it during your next trip to Honolulu!

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